I love to read. If I have any down time, you can find my nose in a book. I can’t help it. And I often put off things I need to do in order to ‘just finish the chapter’, or ‘find out what happens next’… and before I know it, it’s bedtime, which is fortunate since I’m still in my pajamas from the morning. I’ve literally lost hours and even days from reading. I love to get lost in another world. Which leads me to what I read. More often than not, it’s fiction. I prefer to not think about it, and just enjoy. (I’m the same way when watching television- which is a rarity for me- but if I’m going to bother- it’s going to be a thirty-minute sitcom that makes me laugh over an hour long drama)
While I can admit that I easily will procrastinate and ignore things that need to be addressed (chores, cooking dinner, paying bills- and I’ve even taken personal days from work for a good book) - I will acknowledge that the first books I open in the morning are my devotionals and Bible. I can’t start my day, regardless of what I may or may not intend to do, without them. Even when my plan is to sink into my hopeless romantic novel, I begin with the ultimate romance novel: the one where Christ gave everything up because He loved me. I know it sounds trite, but it’s true. Believe me when I say that getting lost in His Word far outweighs being lost in this world. And like my fictional romance novels, I can easily spend hours reading my Bible; not that I do that very often. Usually my weekends allow me to devote more of my mornings than usual to delve into His Word (and naturally enjoy more coffee as well).
I guess what I love the most about reading is being able to forget this world and live in another one for a while. I don’t have to think about the daily routine of life that I’m obligated to, or the people that I don’t want to deal with, or the circumstances that are out of my control. I can forget it all for a moment, and relax and enjoy the other world, where none of those things or people matter. I can concentrate on falling in love- with the story and the characters; losing myself. I can let go of everything of the ‘here and now’ and enjoy the ‘there and then’. My ultimate escapism…
And that’s the beauty of the Bible as well. When consumed by His Word, it’s easy to see how trivial all we are encompassed by in this world really is. We’re reminded that there is a greater story and character than our own. And the ‘here and now’ of this world is nothing compared to the ‘there and then’ of eternity. And just like when I finish a phenomenal book (the type that causes me to call off work and keeps me in my pj’s all day) that leaves me rejuvenated and wanting for me, so it is when I read His Divine Book. The hope that is given to us through His Word is a complete and total transformation from the hope in this world. There is nothing of real value ‘here’, the true value comes ‘then’.
I can only hope that there are plenty of books ‘there’; and coffee. (Though I’m willing to bet there won’t be a need for either.)