Standing on the Promises of God

Have you ever browsed through the discount rack at your local Christian bookstore?  Inevitably you will discover at least one volume entitled something like "The Promises of God".  The book is usually smaller than a paperback and usually rather plain.  Every time I see one it convicts me.

We so often overlook the promises of God in our life.  The Bible is full of promises, over 3,000 of them, and many of them are for you and me.  Yet when difficulties come do we turn to them for comfort?  Or do we sit and sulk?  Or seek advice from a friend?  Or complain?  I am ashamed to admit that God's promises are not always the first place I turn.

Russel Carter was a man who could probably relate to that, at least before he turned 30.  He was a young man that was a star athlete, successful student and eventually became an excellent teacher and coach.  He spent time as an ordained minister, completed med school, and then went on to practice medicine.  In his spare time he wrote and composed music.  All in all he was pretty successful, he believed and God and led a good life.

However, when he turned 30 he discovered that he had an untreatable heart and that his life would probably soon be over.  It was at this time that he realized that while he believed in God, he wasn't truly trusting God, he hadn't truly surrendered everything to God.  He reevaluated his relationship and finally gave God complete control.  At that time he began to trust God's word, His promises and he wrote the now popular hymn, Standing on the Promises of God.  Mr. Carter trusted God to heal his heart, and he went on to regain his strength and live an additional 49 years with a completely healed heart.

It takes faith to stand on the promises of God, especially when the world tells you that there is no hope.  Do you feel hopeless today?  Turn to one of God's 3,000+ promises and have faith that what God promised then, He stands behind now. (2 Corinthians 1:20, Hebrews 13:8)

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