Faith and Trust

Where do you stand with God when it comes to faith and trust? It’s easy to say you have faith and that you trust God, but it’s entirely different to actually believe and act.

We have faith that God has a plan and a will for us. (Jeremiah 29:11) We trust that He’s working in and through us (Philippians 2:13) — until things get a little tough. Then it’s out the window. We second-guess His plan, His direction, and His love. But what we should really be second-guessing is ourselves. Because let’s face it, if we can’t keep our faith and trust Him in whatever He has us do and puts us through- we are nothing.

We have our own plans and ideas of what we want. And when God intercedes and changes, even destroys those plans, we want to throw in the towel. We easily give up on our faith, lose our trust and question Him. But who are we to question the all-knowing God? Do we think that our way is better? Or maybe we think that if He’d just tell us what His plan is, show us the blueprint, we’d be able to trust Him more; our faith wouldn’t falter… Really? How is it faith, when we ‘know’? How is it trust when it’s all spelled out?

Imagine if God did tell you every detail of His plan; if He showed you the entire path, instead of just the next step. (Psalm 119:105) If you saw every valley and steep mountain climb- would you continue on the path? Would you trust that He will keep you safe and give you the strength to move forward? Or would you stop short, and start backing up to what you know is ‘safe’? Or maybe even, if you saw it all laid out- would you think you even needed to rely on God? Would you think that you can do it, so why even need Him with you?

“What if you knew more than you did? What if you could give an answer to the whys of your heart? What if you didn’t have to struggle with weakness, with inadequacy, on your own? Can you imagine where that would lead you? Do you trust how I protect your heart? I protect you, and I push you on, too. I lead you, but it is your choice whether or not to follow. I give you vision, just enough, to see where I am and know where I go, with you. One foot in front of the other. Why do you need to know more? Do you? Do you need to know more to believe Me more? Do you need to see more to know I am here, whispering to you, loving you, guiding you?” (Jennifer Camp, Loop)

The question is do you trust Him? (Hebrews 11:1) All of Him—His plan, His will, His love? The reality is He won’t give us something we can’t handle with Him. (Acts 13:28, 1 Corinthians 10:12-13) And all He wants is to be with us; always. He wants us to rely fully upon Him. To have faith that His will is better than our own. To trust that He has a way. To understand that we are His children, and He loves us more than we can ever understand. So, do you trust Him?