Perspective is a funny thing, it can cause two identical things to look completely different. For example, in the picture above, do you see a woman's face, or man playing a saxophone?  Same picture - different perspectives.  I am expecting my first grandchild in about three weeks. For me and my daughter, it is going to be a mighty long three weeks. But for a momma who was just told that there is nothing more the doctors can do and her child only has about three weeks left on this earth, three weeks isn't nearly enough time. It's the same three weeks, but the perspective is different.

Paul encourages us to look at this life from a different perspective from the world. For those who don't know or understand the promise of eternal life with our Father, life on this earth is all there is. As a result, when hardships come they have nothing to look forward to, no promise of joy. (Romans 14:17, Psalm 71:23) It is hard to persevere when you can't see the silver lining. We, however, know how the story ends, our team wins. With that perspective, how can we possibly let the things on this world get us down for very long?

Don't get me wrong, I have my moments where I forget the ending and get lost in the conflict. Moments where I wonder how I'll get through, or if the battle is worth it. But then I look up, and not just up from my situation, but up to my Father who reminds me that there is a bigger picture. He helps me to regain my perspective on the situation.

You see, so often I catch myself living this life like the momma who is told she only has a few weeks left with her child, when in reality I should be living like the one expecting the new life, because that is the promise that we have. Yes, we will have to say goodbye to this one, just as the expectant mom must say goodbye to her previous life. But what awaits her is a love like she has never known before, a life better than she ever could have imagined. And that is what awaits us also.

So when things get you down, when the world and your situation just doesn't make sense, remember your perspective. Look up and be reminded that we win in the end!