How far will you go?

In today’s times, it’s so easy to sit back and watch; to be comfortable with our lives and reap the rewards of those around us. Most of us are consumedly busy with work, families, our homes, etc. that we can’t seem to fit in any ‘extras’; like discipleship. We often think attending church once or possibly twice a week, occasionally opening our Bible to read a passage or two in the mornings, praying before a meal during the day is ‘good enough’. And if we encounter someone who needs Jesus? Giving them a smile and uttering something about ‘God loves you’ as an encouragement is going above and beyond…

But is it really? How often we take for granted that we have our Bibles; that we have family that supports our lifestyle; and that we live in a nation (though it may be flawed) that allows us, even encourages us to practice our ‘freedom of religion’… And what do we do with these honors? For most of us, nothing. We continue with our daily lives, watching others around us teach, preach and pray. How much longer do you really think you can continue on this path without losing sight of His direction for you? We stumble in the dark, fighting with our lack of time, energy, money, patience [insert your own deficiencies], forgetting that Jesus is the only Light we need to finish our journey; His journey with us? (John 8:12)

Remember the times that Christ told His disciples that the day was approaching that He was going to die, but be resurrected on the third day? (Matthew 16:21, Mark 9:31-322, Luke 18:31-34) It was even foretold by numerous prophecies in Scripture before Jesus was born. (Psalm 22, Isaiah 43) The disciples had no reason to not know what was coming. Yet, they were shocked, grief stricken, broken…consumed with themselves, and the effect that Jesus’ suffering would have on them. How selfish could they be? How selfish are we? How often do you hear, see, know the plan to follow, yet instead of concentrating on, expecting, and rejoicing in the outcome—do you focus on the pain you must go through to get there? We wallow in our struggles, inflicted with self-doubt and lack of trust in God. We refuse to see Him working, right alongside of us to accomplish the plan. (John 20:11-18, Luke 24:13-34) We, too, ignore what Jesus’ death and resurrection mean. Jesus was tortured, took on our sins (every last despicable, ridiculous one we’ve ever thought and done), separated Himself from our Heavenly Father, and died for our forgiveness. He then arose on the third day to prove to us that He overcame death and sin, and we will too one day. (Can we fully comprehend what that truly means?) (And if so—how do we continue on with our daily routines?)

God has a will and a plan for you. (Jeremiah 29:11) It may not be a great ministry to teach or preach. It may not even be hosting a Bible study. It may just be to support your spouse or friend that is being called to do one of these ‘great things’… (1 Samuel 14:7: ‘Jonathan’s armor bearer’) The point is: God has called you to action, in some shape, some form. He only asks that you relinquish control of your ‘life’ to Him. (Romans 12:1) All you have to do is all you can do. He never intended for you to be too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed to enjoy His fellowship and His love. (Our whole lives are because and about His Love.) He only intended for you to love Him, and give your life to Him. Are you willing to give Him all you have?