Let go, and let God.

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Oh my, it’s easy to hold on to our grievances, isn’t it? It’s easy to hang onto that bitterness of a friend or who wronged you; to worry over your finances and wonder how you’re going to afford groceries after all the bills get paid; to stress about the anxiety at your job; to fear the future for your children in this fallen world; to just wallow in your sadness, even depression. We hold onto all the misery in our lives…but why? God doesn’t promise that as a Christian we will have an easy go; but He doesn’t want us to be miserable in this life either. Why does God let bad things happen? (That’s a whole other message)- But possibly it’s in part to show us the glory of the good; to make us much more appreciative of all the good in our lives (and we all have tons to be thankful for). Possibly it’s to teach us a lesson; to bring us closer to Him; to use us to bring someone else to Him… the possibilities are endless. The fact is- God is God. He’s the only One that knows how our story will go, and eventually end. He is King over everything, including your problems; and as hard as it is to believe and understand at times, He truly does care about your problems, no matter how minute they may seem (in retrospect). If it concerns you, you concerns God. (That in itself should be humbling). But He tells us time and time again in His Word not to be consumed with worry in this world. (Psalm 46:10, Psalm 55:22, Matthew 11:28-30, 1 Peter 5:7) It’s not that He doesn’t care about you or your problems, it’s because He wants you to trust Him to take care of them. His shoulders are bigger than ours; allow Him to take the burdens from you. Release the tension to Him.

We have got to learn to let go of control. There is nothing we can do better than God. He knows better; He has a clearer view of everything than we could ever imagine. (Isaiah 55:8-9) He knows all of the facts, and has the best outcome. We only see a tiny glimpse in our self-deluded world. (And are we really that arrogant to think that we know better than Him and/or that we are more favored, loved, and important than anyone else that we should always get what we want or be relinquished of the anguish? Does it occur to us that maybe He allows the roughness into our lives for the Glory He will get when we overcome it? (and we will: John 16:33) Or maybe He uses it to bring us closer to Him? (What a blessing that is!)) But the point of all of this is to just trust God. Trust that He has your best intentions in mind. Trust that His Will for you far surpasses your own will. (How many of us even know what we really want?) (And if we don’t really know what we want, how in the world do we think we know how to get it?)

Our true problem isn’t the problem itself. Our true problem is acknowledging that we can’t control it. It’s not that we don’t want to surrender the situation/issue to God to handle; it’s that we don’t want to surrender ourselves to God. (Luke 22:41-42) We don’t want to let go, and let God. Perhaps we’re afraid of the outcome. Perhaps we’re afraid of the effort. Perhaps we’re afraid of ourselves. It’s much easier to blame God for our problems and for not taking care of them when we don’t really give them to Him to deal with in the first place. Sure we may pray that He intercedes. But then we continue to stress, worry, and be consumed by the issue that we supposedly laid at His feet. It’s like we dropped it off for His care for a few hours, but stopped back by to pick it up and hold it for a bit; as if telling Him He’s not taking good enough care of it. Or we lay it down, but keep a finger on it, not truly letting go. (And yes, it sounds so much easier to say than to do. But if we can learn to do… there’s so much more we can do.) Give it to God, and see what He has to give you in return. He promises to take it, if you let Him. So let go, and let God.