Chosen like David

David. So much comes to my mind when I think of the infamous God-fearing King. He loved and obeyed God. He was a tremendous leader of his people and follower of the Word. But, like all of us, he was egregiously flawed. He was a murderer, an adulterer, and an absent father (to mention a few).

He was a great military conqueror, but he was never able to conquer himself. He defeated a giant in his youth with faith and trust in God alone for the victory; yet as he aged, he followed his fleshly desires. He was courageous and loved God deeply; he was a coward and disobedient. Do you get the picture? David was a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14, Acts: 13:22), yet allowed the devil to control him at times. How can that be? Just as it is with you and me. David’s weaknesses and errors are numerous. So are ours. While most of us won’t commit many of the serious sins that David did, we will sin. (James 2:10) And few of us will humble ourselves before God as David did, too.

Even though it’s not actions that get us to heaven (Romans 4:5) it’s our hearts… imagine if we had the hearts of David without his actions? How close to Christ-like would we be then?!?! David, with all of his misguided ways, was God’s chosen. David humbled himself and repented for his sins. In a time where God seemed so harsh and judgmental. Can you imagine? We, as Christians, live in a time, where we are taught of the love and forgiveness of Jesus. It would seem ‘easier’ to repent and humble ourselves to a God that sacrificed His Son for our transgressions. (John 3:16) Yet we still choose not to. (Though it’s important to point out that God is the same God in the OT as He is in the NT) (Malachi 3:6, Revelation 1:8, Hebrews 13:8)

Look at David’s flaws, yet how awesome was he? How much did God love him? (Enough to send His Son through David’s blood line) (2 Samuel 7:12-14, 2 Samuel 23:5, 1 Chronicles 7:11-15, Psalms 89:3-4, 34-37, Psalms 132:11, Acts 13:23, Revelation 22:16…) Compare him to Jesus- Who Was (Is) Perfect. Jesus is a descendent of David, chosen by God; He is God’s Son. As if that’s not enough to prove to you that God loves(d) David, David will reign over the Millennial Kingdom. (Jeremiah 30:9, Ezekiel 37:24) Jesus will reign over All for Eternity. So imagine, if we, in our flaws like David, humbled ourselves before God seeking forgiveness and praising Him for His Mercy and Grace—what we could be…?!?! If David, after committing his serious sins, can be ruler in the New Jerusalem, what can we do? What are God’s plans for us? Few of us have committed the multitude of sins that David did, but we don’t seek God’s forgiveness or sacrifice our pride over the sins we have committed. Imagine what we could be capable of if we succumbed to God as David did?

We sell ourselves short of what God thinks of us, how much He loves us, and what potential He sees in and has for us. David never did. He pleads to God for His love and forgiveness. (Psalms 32, Psalms 51…)

Jesus gave His Life for our sins. David didn’t have that reassurance, yet his faith remained in God. Why can’t we seek Him the way David did?