Snow Day

Last week our little part of the world was hit by a winter storm.  Stacie and I both live on hills (there isn't much of West Virginia that isn't on a hill!) that became impassable as a result of the storm.  Who would have thought that 8 inches of snow could cause such difficulty?!  I know Stacie didn't see a mail truck or civilization for several days, and I was grateful that we had full kitchen cabinets as not very many people made it out of my subdivision and home again without having to park at the bottom of the hill and walk in.

It dropped about 5 inches of snow in one day, and despite the difficulty it caused, it was beautiful.

Glade Creek, WV
And it seemed that as soon as we adjusted to life, it snowed some more, causing havoc again.  Roads that had been cleared were again snow covered.  And once we adjusted to that it warmed up just enough to turn everything to slush and then froze again into solid sheets of ice!  I realize that many of you farther north than us are probably shaking your heads and laughing at our inability to adjust and continue our normal routines, but when you aren't used to snow it is a bit overwhelming!

Sometimes, following Jesus can be just as daunting.  We are going about our daily routines, focusing on what needs to be accomplished next, when something comes along that changes everything - Jesus.  He has always been there, like the moisture in our air, but it took the right set of circumstances for us to finally see Him.  Once we do, though, it affects every part of our life and we have to make adjustments as a result.

Some decide that they are going to continue on as if nothing has changed, ignoring the obvious.  They attempt to continue the routines they have already established despite, or in spite of, the obstacles.  This rarely ends well.  God has allowed us free will, and He will not force us to accept Him.  His way is best, though, and when we choose a different path we tend to stumble, fall and ultimately separate ourselves from Him forever.  Think of those who venture out despite the warning that the roads are dangerous and then angrily complain about the road conditions as the tow truck pulls away with their vehicle.  

Others choose to attempt to tame the snow through their own power.  You will see them determinedly shoveling snow in the middle of the storm, attempting to create their own paths.  Eventually the snow will stop, and the paths will remain clear.  But the path isn't always the best one.  I saw many instances in which snow plows attempted to remove snow off the road only to plow through parts of people's yards, or worse yet damaging roads by creating potholes.  There may be immediate results, but sometimes it isn't the path you should be on, or the path becomes more difficult than it needed to be due to our impatience.

And then there are those that choose to withdraw until the storm passes.  They acknowledge the beauty, power and majesty, but rather than enjoying it, they choose to insulate themselves from its effects.  They make personal adjustments in their lives, but others don't really see them because of the withdrawal.  This isn't was God has intended the result to be.  (John 17:16)  While our relationship with Him should change us, the change isn't meant to be one that is only evident to us.  

Finally, there are those who embrace the snow, THIS is what we are meant to do in our relationship with Jesus.  I find it interesting that the ones who tend to embrace the snow the most are also the ones that Jesus told us we should model ourselves after.  (Matthew 18:3)  Children are quick to get out in the midst of things and joyfully frolic.  They aren't concerned with the work that needs to be done, but instead with what lies immediately before them.  

It isn't easy to let go of the cares of the world, to not focus on the things that had become routine in our lives, and yet that is what we are called to do.  (Matthew 6:34)  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying we should live every day like it is a snow day, but I am saying that we need to let Jesus dictate our actions.  Besides, sometimes we DO need a snow day, a time to reconnect with the wonderment and joy of our relationship with Him.


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