Property of...

I love receiving little gifts. (Who doesn’t?) I love the feeling that someone thought enough of me to give me something.

Sunday was one of those moments. I sat down in church, (a little late from a line at the restroom), and someone leaned over to me to tell me that there was a bag in the foyer with my name on it. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting anything. And when the service was over, and I made my decent out of the sanctuary, I found the bag on the table. Naturally I had to open it immediately. Inside was quite possibly the best t-shirt I’ve ever seen, and so perfect for me! It was a picture of a cup of coffee with the words “I Own You” above it. I laughed, showed it to a few friends also in the foyer and tried to figure out who it was from. (I’m still trying to figure that out, as they signed it with an alias.) I showed it to my husband when I got home, who agreed it was perfect for me.

And then later it hit me: I do love my coffee; (Duh!) but is that what I want to be most remembered for? It sure does seem like anyone who knows me, knows my coffee obsession. At almost every gift-giving holiday, I receive something java related. People post coffee memes to my social media wall, or tag me when they discuss the beverage. My boss has a cup waiting on me every morning he arrives before I do. Even my pastor brings it up during sermons… (*cough, cough*). Even my blog ministry revolves around the enchanted beverage. Coffee is a significant part of my life, and something I wholeheartedly look forward to every morning when I awake…

But, shouldn’t that be Jesus? Shouldn’t the first thing I think about; the thing that gets me most motivated to crawl out of bed in the morning be Jesus? When people think of me, shouldn’t they immediately think of my love for Jesus, not coffee?

I’m not saying I don’t love Jesus, or that I don’t look forward to my alone time with Him each morning. But which motivates me first? Some days it’s a total toss-up. (And that’s obviously something I need to fix). What about you? What obsession ‘owns’ you? If you had a t-shirt- what would your ‘picture’ be of? I’m not saying you can’t enjoy things in this life. He created us for enjoyment. (Ecclesiastes 2:24) He gives us many blessings and gifts to assist with our enjoyment. But we must be cognizant of the true ‘object’ of our affection, and seek to please Him above pleasing ourselves. (Matthew 6:10)

I will wear my shirt, don’t get me wrong. And I will continue drinking my coffee. (Duh!) But I will strive to fix that fact that everyone who knows me thinks that coffee is my first love. It’s not; Jesus is. (Song of Solomon 7:10)  
PS: Here's my awesome shirt :)