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God is Faithful

2019. I was over it right after it began. For me, it was a year of testing my patience, pushing my control issues, and showing my lack of trust. I spent more time frustrated, bitter and stressed—in emotional and physical pain—than peaceful and joyful about anything. And I wanted it to end. I knew God was testing me. And I knew I was failing His tests. [And the worst part was a portion of me didn’t care that I was failing. I just wanted the test to end. I gave up. I quit trying. I did just enough to get me through.]
I began the year reading “How to Study the Bible”, by D.L. Moody. It motivated me, inspired me and filled me with zeal to jump into my Bible with purpose. My incentive was to learn all that I could about God’s Word—and not waste any time doing it. Except, in that thought process, I had no real plan. Therefore, just as quickly as the fire in me ignited, so it extinguished. I wasted so much time trying to come up with a plan, that I never got around to execution. I did a few s…

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