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Fear Not and Follow

Peace over panic    Faith over fear

This past weekend, President Trump announced essentially another month of self-distancing to get us through this coronavirus pandemic. And I don’t know about your newsfeed on social media, but mine is all over the place. From people calling this fear-mongering, to people referring to it as a stay-cation. People are panicking that we’ll be quarantined/given shelter-in-place orders and unable to access necessities. Others are panicking that the lock-downs aren’t tight enough. Some people are posting ingenious ways they’re staying active and busy—and others are posting how bored they are… 
I wouldn’t be surprised if Noah was in heaven rolling his eyes at our inability or unwillingness to self-distance. He and his immediate family were ‘quarantined’ on an ark with thousands of animals. [Can you imagine that smell?!?] He was stuck on that ship for almost an entire year! (We can be stuck in our homes for a month and a half.) [Though I’d venture to guess some…

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