Counting Blessings

Some days I just can't help but feel blessed beyond deserving. (Really, though aren't we all?) Sure, I could cry my many woes most days, but it's days like today when the overwhelming blessings suffocate me that make the other days as they truly are: insignificant. Not that God discounts our troubles- He cares about each worry we have (1 Peter 5:7) - He hurts when we hurt (Isaiah 63:9; Hebrews 4:15) - and He holds each tear (Psalm 56:8). But-- He also has many plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11). He has rewards around every corner (Isaiah 49:4). He heaps blessings upon blessings on us (Genesis 12:2-3; Numbers 6:24-26). How great is He?

Today I assumed would be like most others- nothing overtly bad, but also nothing remarkably great either. That was my first error- isn't each day we wake up a great day? (Psalm 118:24) To start, the weather is gorgeous; a beautiful holiday weekend. Not only do I have a job, but one that acknowledges such holidays and allows us time off to be with our families. And the purpose of this holiday- to celebrate and honor those that gave their lives for me, this nation and our freedoms. Then there's the fact that I live in a country that allows me the freedom to worship Christ without a death sentence. I'm beyond blessed if I just stop there. But I can continue: this weekend celebrates thirteen years with my husband- a feat that at many times I doubted we'd make it through. He's a wonderful provider (of which we have much), husband and friend. And I can keep going with the 'generic' blessing of all of my friends and family that have been such a support system and source of encouragement in troubled times, and share in a joyful release in celebrations. And breaking it down further,  we have a house, vehicles, money in the bank, and 'stuff' we don't need, but can enjoy. I'm healthy, have plenty of food (of which I enjoy too much), and find laughter in every day.

Why do I feel extra blessed today? I'm not sure. This weekend I had a moment of self-pity, harboring feelings of resentment, bitterness and jealousy. Then I prayed (and so thankful I have learned to do so in those times). I asked God to take it away, and just give me the strength to get through the event that brought up such feelings. It seemed like a quick, half-hearted attempt to move on. (Maybe I really wanted to wallow in my pity) (Probably, most likely). But He answered in only a way He can. Literally within minutes of my prayer, I opened the mail before I left for the event- and amongst the bills (of which I am thankful for because we have 'stuff') was a card from a special someone who felt 'led' to remind me of God's love that day, referencing Deuteronomy 33:12. Then I received an email from someone else in response to a personal 'dream' of mine- with suggestions and encouragement. And now I'm feeling full; full of renewed motivation, full of encouragement and full of love.

What can I say? I'm just blessed!

Can you see your blessings today? Do you realize how fortunate you are to be one of Gods precious children? (John 1:12-13) Instead of counting all the things you don't have, take today to count and be grateful for the things you do have; and certainly don't deserve. (James 1:2) God is Good. (Psalm 118:1)

(Ephesians 1:3) (Matthew 5:2-12)