Friend or Foe?

Isn’t it magnificent how, even when we don’t do much for God, He is still working wonders for you? Don’t you ever feel like you’re taking advantage of the relationship; taking more than you give?

Some days I feel like I do a lot for Him. Others, not so much. And then there are those days that I don’t want to do anything, for Him, His Kingdom, or anyone else. I just want to veg out on my couch in my pajamas all day, drink my coffee, watch my chick flicks and forget about the world around me. (Does anyone else have those days?) Granted, even the Bible talks about enjoying a day of rest, a Sabbath day; however, that day is meant to be set aside to rest our bodies, and keep it holy. (Genesis 2:2-3) I’m not sure how holy I’m keeping my resting day when I barely even acknowledge Him, other than a quick blessing over my meal during commercial break.

And if there were a checks and balances in Heaven, (thank goodness there’s not!) I’d think those ‘lazy’ days hurt me (and Him) more than the days I devote to Him can ever help. Truth: God doesn’t want you to exhaust yourself doing His work. However, His work, when done with love for Him and His people, will invigorate us, not exhaust us. (Luke 24:49, John 15:27, Acts 1:8, Hebrews 4:16) He stirs an excitement deep within us, pumping adrenaline and enthusiasm through us, revitalizing not only those we are serving, but us as well. (Isaiah 40:29) (Please tell me you’ve felt it…) (If you haven’t, then you might want to rethink the work you’re doing for ‘Him’ and check your heart overall for Him…because something’s missing…)

So, let me ask you: are you helping Him or hurting Him? Are you giving God the best or the worst of you? All you have or all you have left? My Pastor stated in his sermon on Sunday “Everything should be expendable next to Him.” My paraphrase: ‘Everything else is a waste.’ A waste of time, talent, effort…, if it’s not done to and for the Glory of God. (Malachi 1:6, 13-14, Hebrews 10:26, 2 Peter 2:21)

He will never give us less than His best…so, why do we think He deserves less than our best? “I Am Who I Am” (Exodus 3:14) He Is Who He Is: Are we who we claim to be? Are we His friend, or His foe? Because what it boils down to is, if we’re not completely for Him, we’re against Him.

As this New Year commences, take the challenge to not only make resolutions, define a solution to your apathy. (And we all have moments of apathy.) God graciously gave you another year of work to do. Don’t let Him down. The fact that He thinks so much of you to give you more time is truly something to celebrate this 2015. (Philippians 4:4, 2 Thessalonians 5:16)